Fairyna sharina has been actively involved in the cost of sewing clothes and selling clothes since 2013. Her interest in the fashion world has soared to this day. Likes to see people looking good and giving a fair price. With a vision to create bespoke custom made attire. Her attention to detail and experience has now turned that vision into success.
Being a family run beauty & fashion business with almost 15 years of experience, Fairyna Sharina Keeping her clients’ interest in mind.

We offer traditional to modern styles and cuts. We make sure to reflect a passionate attention to every detail from perfectly matched patterns, to well proportioned fittings with the finest handmade craftsmanship. With these core values, we promise you an exquisite tailor-made experience for everyone.

Before ordering your outfit, make sure you know your body shape first.
Read tips on choosing your coutfit according to your body shape in this article we shared.
Body Shape & Type of Outfit

Sebelum menempah baju, pastikan terlebih dahulu anda tahu bentuk badan anda. 
Baca tips memilih baju mengikut bentuk badan anda di artikel saya kongsi ini. 
Bentuk badan & jenis baju.

Here are some design ideas you may like

You probably already know what design you want us to custom made for you. What’s more, quickly make one for you.

Anda mungkin sudah tahu reka bentuk apa yang anda mahu untuk kami buat khas untuk anda. Apa lagi, tempah baju anda dengan kami.

Choose one of the sample design we have here.

Pilih salah satu reka bentuk baju yang anda mahu tempah

Bespoke Tailoring

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